2021 Cowtown Stampede


Final Rosters

CapLH 10UCapLH 12UCapLH 14U + 8th Gr CoedCapAQTX 16U CoedCapLH 18U Coed
1Joseph Hobson1Daniel Armendariz1Maddox Conte1Manu Singhal1Manu Singhal
2Eric Crockett2Finnegan Harrington2Cruz Crowley1aMaddox Conte2Gavin Orris
3Jane Harrington3Silas Chamas3Landon Vickery2Greysen Gaderson3Owen Murphy
4Calder May4William Pemberton4Ezekiel Simeloff3Seth Crowley4Luca De Araujo
5Ashton Benson5Eliza Burkhart5Tristan Chamas4Luca De Araujo5August Nordstedt
6Ryan Benson6John (Wes) Kelly6Laird Chang (sat. only)5Ezekiel Simeloff6Seth Crowley
7Rudy-Matheo Garcia7Finnegan Harrington6Kai Pitkanen7Kelly Murphy
8Isabelle Morrisson8Finnley May7Declan Graves9Cate Sloat
9Robert Roth9Daniel Armendariz8August Nordstedt11Greysen Gaderson
11Joeseph Hobson11Kelly Murphy9Aaron Gordon12Aaron Gordon
12Eric Crockett11Jacob Gerakos13Riley Dixon
14Aaron Bielik12Cruz Crowley14Declan Graves
13Riley Dixon
16Kelly Murphy
Tom AndrewAllie HillTom AndrewJames SmithTom Andrew
James SmithJames SmithAllie HillTom AndrewAllie Hill
Allie HillTom AndrewJames Smith


Coach James Smith
Coach Tom Andrew
Coach Allie Hill

AquaHorns Athlete/Family Info

We’re excited to have five AquaHorns teams queued up for this weekend to end the very successful year. Some of our families are newer so a couple reminders:

  • Athletes on Longhorn rosters are expected to be in swim suits ready to warm up 30 minutes prior to game time.
    • AQTX 16u athletes should be ready for dryland warmup 45 minutes before game time
  • The coaches for each team are listed in the rosters above; photos are beneath the rosters so you can identify coaches at the pool
  • If you have not already, we very strongly recommend you join the AquaTex Waterpolo GroupMe, where we share important information at tournaments and other events. Contact me for the link to the group
  • You can find important general information about travel events under FAQs on our Programs page (“How does traveling to tournaments work?”)
  • AquaTex athletes are expected to wear AquaTex suits and shirts at the tournament

Let’s finish the season with some flair and, as always, #BeYourBest. See you in Keller.

From the Hosts

Schedule: The event will be held December 11-12, 2021

Tournament Locations: Keller Natatorium, 1000 Bear Creek Pkwy, Keller, TX 76248

Divisions: The tournament will have the following divisions which will hold from 4-8 depending on the age group.

  • 18 Mixed/Boys

  • 16u Mixed/Boys

  • 18/16u Girls

  • 14u Mixed – 14U Age verification AND 8th grade and under.

  • 12u Mixed

  • 10u Mixed

USA Water Polo Membership/Age Verification:

  • All athletes do need to be BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD members of USA Water Polo in order to play in this event.

  • The age of date will be December 10, 2021.     

Tournament Cost and Deadline:

  • The entry fee for the tournament will be $550 per team.  Payments will be made via VENMO or Paypal

  • Registration Deadline –  November 26, 2021

  • Register via the USAWP website!

  • Payment will be made to Cowtown Water Polo prior the registration deadline.

  • Reimbursements – A full reimbursement will be made for cancellations prior to the registration deadline.

  • After the tournament bracket has been sent out, Cowtown will reimburse the team for 75% of the registration fee.

Tournament Format

  • There will not be a warm up pool available during games but there will be extra time between games for teams to warm up in the course in which they will be competing.

  • All teams will have two timeouts per game (used anytime).

  • Team listed first will wear white caps.

  • All games will be six-minute quarters (two minutes between periods).

  • All games will be played until there is a winner. Games tied after four quarters will complete a shoot-out to determine the winner. See USAWP document

  • The Cowtown Stampede will use USA Water Polo rules & regulations (except when noted).

12u and 10u Divisions

  • 12u games will be played 6 on 6 (including the goalie) rather than the traditional 7 on 7.

  • 12u will follow the USAWP 12U modifications on the attached document.

  • 10u will play 5 on 5 with 4 field players and 1 goalie.

The event is finished.


Dec 11 - 12 2021


All Day
KISD Natatorium


KISD Natatorium
1000 Bear Creek Parkway, Keller, TX 76248


Cowtown Water Polo Club