2023 Cowtown Stampede (December)


For our Families

Here are a few things about traveling to tournaments for newcomers and oldsters alike:

  • Cut your toe- and finger-nails as short as possible without harming yourself (!) before the tournament. Be prepared. We don't want you scrambling for nail clippers as a game is about to start.
  • Always plan on being ready to meet together one hour before our first game of the day. That is an AquaTex policy. Please schedule your time accordingly. For any following games on the same day plan on meeting 40 minutes before game time.
  • Wear your team suit and t-shirt every game and each day of the tournament.
  • Expect three games per day even if we only end up playing two. That means, be prepared: extra towel, goggles for warmup, eye drops, snacks, water, an extra suit is always a good idea. Be ready.
  • Food. Between games we encourage our athletes to eat lean protein, fruit, simple carbohydrates (not just candy!), water. After our last game of the day you can eat what you want... within reason.
  • AquaTex doesn't organize team hotels or meals but definitely appreciates parents who take the lead in finding hotel blocks to share and/or organizing team meals. That is mostly done via our GroupMe so please do communicate amongst each other there.
  • Fees: For nearly all tournaments, with the exception of those related to Junior Olympics, you can expect to pay around $90 per tournament roster. That is, if your athlete is playing for both our 18u and 16u team at a particular tournament then you'd pay (estimated) $180. Coach James pays our entry fees and coaches directly so you will pay him via Venmo or other means if necessary. Our fees cover tournament entry and coaches' lodging, fuel, per diem, so prompt payment is appreciated.

Working Rosters

AQTX 16uBLH 10U MixedLH 12U MixedLH 14U MixedLH 16U BoysLH 18U Boys
Kenneth BrownLoganEricLairdPierceJR
Rudy-Matheo GarciaGraham SGreySaywer JWyattJensen
John KellyRyanBrandonBenJakeKelly
Colton NealisVaughnBenjaDanZekeEvan
Parker NealisDaniel SRobertLandonOmar
Jackson PlaceGraham GardnerAviLukeJackson
Chase WadleyGraham GardnerOwen S
Antonio FalceJonas GardnerJean CastelTomasElvis Lee
William PembertonJonas GardnerSamGavin Hantelman
Cruz(Kyle Kessler - G)
We will combine with Longhorn if necessary

From the Hosts

Below is information about the tournament. You can read all the details of the tournament here.

Schedule: The event will be held December 16-17 ,2023

Please Note! The tournament locations are approximately 35 minutes apart.

  • Age Group (14u, 12u, 10u) – Keller Natatorium, 1000 Bear Creek Pkwy, Keller, TX 76248
  • High School (18u, 16u) – LISD Eastside, 729 Memorial Dr, The Colony, TX 75056

Divisions: The tournament will have the following divisions which will hold from 4-8 depending on the age group.
18 Mixed/Boys
16u Mixed/Boys
18/16u Girls
14u Mixed
12u Mixed
10u Mixed

USA Water Polo Membership/Age Verification:
All athletes do need to be BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD members of USA Water Polo in order to play in this event.
The age of date will be August 1, 2024

Tournament Cost and Deadline:
The entry fee for the tournament will be $600 per team. Payments will be made via the USAWP site.
Registration Deadline – December 1, 2023, with a roster deadline of December 10, 2023.
Payment will be made to Cowtown Water Polo prior the registration deadline.
A full reimbursement will be made for cancellations prior to the registration deadline.
After the tournament bracket has been sent out, Cowtown will reimburse the team for 75% of the registration fee.

Table Workers
For the 14u, 12u and 10u teams at the Keller ISD Nat, each team will need to provide a table worker for each game. Each team will be given three admissions passes for the weekend so the table workers do not have to pay admissions.
The high school divisions will be at LISD Eastside and will not be required to have a table worker for their games.

Awards will be given to the 1st place team in each division.
Participation awards will also be given to the remaining teams in the 10u and 12u division.

Admissions will be $8 per day for the event or $15 for both days.
Admissions passes will work for both locations.

The event is finished.


Dec 16 - 17 2023


All Day
KISD Natatorium


KISD Natatorium
1000 Bear Creek Parkway, Keller, TX 76248
LISD East Side Aquatics Center

Location 2

LISD East Side Aquatics Center
5729 Memorial Dr, The Colony, TX 75056


Cowtown Water Polo Club