2023 Houston Spring Water Polo Jam

Fees for the 2023 Houston Spring Water Polo Jam are $70/athlete payable to Coach James via Venmo (below) or Zelle ().

Athlete Fees

Each athlete will pay Coach James directly for participating in this tournament via Venmo or Zelle (). Coach James pays for all entry fees, coaches lodging, fuel, per diem, etc.
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AquaTex Game Schedule

Saturday, April 1CFISD NatatoriumPool 19:10AquaTexHydra18U Boys
Saturday, April 1Cypress Park HS NatPool 111:40AquaTexSouthside14U Mixed
Saturday, April 1CFISD NatatoriumPool 112:30VP OverboardAquaTex18U Boys
Saturday, April 1CFISD NatatoriumPool 215:00AquaTexStorm18U Boys
Saturday, April 1Cypress Park HS NatPool 116:40AquaTexThunder Silver14U Mixed
Saturday, April 1Cypress Park HS NatPool 119:10VP WhiplashAquaTex14U Mixed
Sunday, April 2CFISD NatatoriumPool 39:10Thunder SilverAquaTex18U Boys
Sunday, April 2Cypress Park HS NatPool 113:20AquaTexCFWPC Girls14U Mixed

Working Rosters

LH 10u mLH 12u mAQTX 14uAQTX 18u bLH 18u g
ClaireSawyer JRudy-Matheo GarciaAdlee ColegroveAshlyn
MasonRobertJackson PlaceJacob GerakosTori
GrahamLairdChase WadleyWilliam LunsfordAddy
EricCiaJohn (Wes) KellyAaron GordonKat
ColtonZephyrColton NealisGavin HantelmanRachel
Emeric ColegroveAviParker NealisRiley DixonSarah
Ashton BensonDaniel SAdrian HerreraJacksonLucy
Ryan Benson (Sun.)SilasKenneth BrownJRAva
Neel RamanathanAntonio FalceSamTaylor
Ilay LevWilliam PembertonCampbellNoelle Nealis
Clayton WaterburyReinhold KarvensCorina Nunziata
Elliot BronshteynDeclan Graves (Sat.)Erica Campbell
Liam Graves (Sat.)
Antonio Falce
Kenneth Brown

For our Families

TeamUnify Event Link. Use this to indicate your commitment (Attend/Decline) to playing in this tournament.

Regarding rosters: those on multiple rosters will, unless told otherwise by coaches, prioritize their younger roster. If there’s a conflict between the two rosters, the younger roster wins. That includes playing for Longhorn.

Here are a few things about traveling to tournaments for newcomers and oldsters alike:

  • Cut your toe- and finger-nails as short as possible without harming yourself (!) before the tournament. Be prepared. We don't want you scrambling for nail clippers as a game is about to start.
  • Always plan on being ready to meet together one hour before our first game of the day. That is an AquaTex policy. Please schedule your time accordingly. For any following games on the same day plan on meeting 40 minutes before game time.
  • Wear your team suit and t-shirt every game and each day of the tournament.
  • Expect three games per day even if we only end up playing two. That means, be prepared: extra towel, goggles for warmup, eye drops, snacks, water, an extra suit is always a good idea. Be ready.
  • Food. Between games we encourage our athletes to eat lean protein, fruit, simple carbohydrates (not just candy!), water. After our last game of the day you can eat what you want... within reason.
  • AquaTex doesn't organize team hotels or meals but definitely appreciates parents who take the lead in finding hotel blocks to share and/or organizing team meals. That is mostly done via our GroupMe so please do communicate amongst each other there.
  • Fees: For nearly all tournaments, with the exception of those related to Junior Olympics, you can expect to pay around $90 per tournament roster. That is, if your athlete is playing for both our 18u and 16u team at a particular tournament then you'd pay (estimated) $180. Coach James pays our entry fees and coaches directly so you will pay him via Venmo or other means if necessary. Our fees cover tournament entry and coaches' lodging, fuel, per diem, so prompt payment is appreciated.

From the Hosts

22 March Update

The Monster Polo Jam is coming up soon! The tournament is starting to fill up and we cannot wait for a great tournament weekend. As of now we have 61 teams entered into the tournament. Below is important information regarding the tournament.

Teams by Division (Deadline is Thursday 3/23):
10U COED (3): Longhorn, Pegasus, VP Monster Trucks

12U COED (9): Hydra, Longhorn, Pegasus Red, Southside, Storm, VP Terminal Velocity, VP Wrecking Machine, VP Zombie, Zilla

14U COED (14): Hydra, Longhorn, Pegasus Blue, Pegasus Red, Southside, Thunder, Thunder Girls, Thunder Silver, VP Bad Company, VP Blue Thunder, VP Wildside, VP Whiplash,
VP Raptor, Zilla

16U COED (11): Hydra, Longhorn, Southside Navy, Southside Silver, Storm Blue, Storm Green, Thunder Boys, Thunder Girls, VP Earth Shaker, VP Jurassic Attack, VP Pirates Curse

18U Girls (10): Hydra, Longhorn, Pegasus, Southside, Storm, Thunder 16s, Thunder 18s,
VP El Toro Loco, VP Rage, VP Wonder Woman

18U Boys (14): Hydra, Longhorn, Pegasus, Southside Navy, Southside Silver, Storm, Thunder Black, Thunder Silver, VP BigFoot, VP Black Pearl, VP Grave Digger, VP Kraken, VP Overboard, Zilla

Tournament Locations:
18U Boys /18U Girls /16U COED @ The Cypress Fairbanks ISD Natatorium 12550 Windfern Rd, Houston, TX 77064
14U Mixed / 12U Mixed / 10U Mixed @ Bridgeland HS 10707 Mason Rd, Cypress, TX 77433, Cy Ranch HS 10700 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433, Cy Park HS 7425 Westgreen Blvd, Cypress, TX 77433 (All of these pools are very close to each other)
Warm-Up/Game Caps: There will be no warm-up area. Teams will need to warm-up between quarters or if there is no game in one of the pools. Teams will need to provide their own warm up balls. Teams will need to supply their own game caps for the competition.

Game Format: Festival Style Tournament. Teams listed first wear white caps. We will play 4 Six Minute Quarters. 2 Timeouts Per Game. Games ending in a tie will remain a tie.

USWP/ Score Sheets/Roster Checks: Athletes will need to be members of USA Water Polo. Teams will need to print and bring scoresheets for each game. We will not do roster checks since this is a festival style event. Again teams will need to provide scoresheets for the tables.

Table Workers /Admissions /Hospitality: Cy Fair WPC & Houston Hydra will be running game tables, admissions, and referee hospitality at the Cy Fair ISD Nat. Viper Pigeon will be running game tables, admissions, and referee hospitality at Bridgeland, Cy Park, and Cy Ranch. If any clubs would like to help with the game table you are welcome to help. Hospitality will be available for officials only. Water and Soft Drinks will be available for coaches.

Tournament T-Shirts: Early next week we will have a presale of the Tournament T-Shirt that will be delivered to coaches of each team. There will be t-shirts available for sale at the Cy Fair ISD Nat.

Tournament Admissions: There will be a QR Code posted at each pool for payment. Spectators will receive a wristband for entry after paying tournament admission. $5 for one day. $10 for a two day pass.

Spectator Expectations: We request your cooperation by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Profanity, or other intimidating actions directed at the officials, athletes, coaches, or volunteers will not be tolerated. Spectators should be aware that they can be removed from the premises for undesirable behaviors at the request of game officials, the tournament director, or facility director.

Original Tourney Invite

The Monster Polo Jam is coming up soon and we want to see you there! This tournament will be hosted by Cy Fair WPC, Houston Hydra, and Viper Pigeon. The tournament will take place at Cy Fair ISD pools April 1-2.

Tournament Information:
Registration- Club Admin will register for the tournament at usawaterpolo.org
Divisions- 10U COED, 12U COED, 14U COED, 16U COED 18U Girls, 18U Boys
Cy Fair ISD Aquatic Center (18U Boys, 18U Girls, 16U COED)
Cy Ranch High School (14U COED)
Bridgeland High School (12U COED/10U COED)
We could be using additional pools for overflow.
Age as of Date: August 1, 2023
Entry Fee: $600 Per Team. Payments will be collected when doing online registration
Registration Deadline: March 20, 2023 @ 9:00pm (PT)
Admission Fee: $5 per day or $10 for the weekend
Roster Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2023
Teams will need to print scoresheets
Tournament Game Schedule: This will be a festival style tournament. The schedule will be sent out Monday, March 27.

The event is finished.


Apr 01 - 02 2023


All Day
CFISD Natatorium


CFISD Natatorium
12550 Windfern Rd B, Houston, TX 77064
Bridgeland High School Natatorium

Location 2

Bridgeland High School Natatorium
10707 Mason Rd, Cypress, TX 77433

Location 3

Cypress Park High School Natatorium
7425 Westgreen Blvd, Cypress, TX 77433

Location 4

Cypress Ranch High School (CFISD Natatorium)
19545 Cypress North Houston Rd, Cypress, TX 77433


Viper Pigeon Water Polo

Other Organizers