2023 Welcome to Texas Showdown


Working Rosters

LH 10UMLH 12umAQTX 14umAQTX 16u b
GrahamElizaKenneth BrownJackson Place
Ashton BensonJacksonRudy-Matheo GarciaAdlee Colegrove
Ryan BensonSilasJohn KellyAaron Gordon
MasonRobertWilliam PembertonGavin Hantelman
EricVeraJackson PlaceJacob Gerakos
PeterSawyer JChase WadleySaul JR Gutierrez
ColtonCiaIlay LevAedan Ramos
BenjaAviDiego Suarez-QuirogaCyrus Rule
Elizabeth?Elliot BronshteynKenneth Brown
PhoebeAntonio FalceAntonio Falce
ZephyrReinhold KarvenzRudy-Matheo Garcia
Ilay LevIsabelle MorrisonJake Roberts
Neel RamanathanTristan Chamas
Tomas Bellavia

For our Families

This is the final tournament of the Spring so good luck to all our athletes. Show how far you’ve progressed in the past couple months, work hard, and have a good time!

Some specific notes for/about our athletes and families:

  • Grey and Ryan will be playing for Longhorn 10u. Contact Coach Tom if you have questions.
  • Same with Ilay and Neel who are playing for 12u Longhorn Spurs (not Rangers).
  • The 14u boys roster is entirely AquaTex. It includes Izzy and Ilay who are encouraged but not required to cap up for the team. Their priorities are with their Longhorn and AAAA teams/games.
  • Izzy is playing for Alamo Area 14u girls, which is her priority.
  • Our 16u boys roster is an AquaHorns one. It includes Rudy, Rocco, and Cash, all of whom will prioritize their 14u games. JP is also on both rosters and as best as possible should expect to play both 14u and 16u games. When there’s a conflict, the 14u team is the priority.
  • Coaches Matt and Savvy are in charge for both AquaTex teams. They will set expectations for when to meet, etc. Be sure to monitor GroupMe.

Here are a few things about traveling to tournaments for newcomers and oldsters alike:

  • Cut your toe- and finger-nails as short as possible without harming yourself (!) before the tournament. Be prepared. We don't want you scrambling for nail clippers as a game is about to start.
  • Always plan on being ready to meet together one hour before our first game of the day. That is an AquaTex policy. Please schedule your time accordingly. For any following games on the same day plan on meeting 40 minutes before game time.
  • Wear your team suit and t-shirt every game and each day of the tournament.
  • Expect three games per day even if we only end up playing two. That means, be prepared: extra towel, goggles for warmup, eye drops, snacks, water, an extra suit is always a good idea. Be ready.
  • Food. Between games we encourage our athletes to eat lean protein, fruit, simple carbohydrates (not just candy!), water. After our last game of the day you can eat what you want... within reason.
  • AquaTex doesn't organize team hotels or meals but definitely appreciates parents who take the lead in finding hotel blocks to share and/or organizing team meals. That is mostly done via our GroupMe so please do communicate amongst each other there.
  • Fees: For nearly all tournaments, with the exception of those related to Junior Olympics, you can expect to pay around $90 per tournament roster. That is, if your athlete is playing for both our 18u and 16u team at a particular tournament then you'd pay (estimated) $180. Coach James pays our entry fees and coaches directly so you will pay him via Venmo or other means if necessary. Our fees cover tournament entry and coaches' lodging, fuel, per diem, so prompt payment is appreciated.

From the Hosts

20 May update

Below is the list of team entries for the upcoming Welcome to Texas Showdown on May 27-28, 2023 at the NISD Swim Center in San Antonio, TX.  Overall, there are 66 teams which will play over 130+ games during the two day tournament.  The tournament will be played at the Northside ISD Swim Center which is a world class, outdoor-indoor venue with five all deep courses plus stadium seating for the 50 meter pool (NISD Swim Center Website).  The Welcome to Texas Showdown will have games from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm on both Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th (please plan accordingly).  A schedule for the tournament will be emailed to everyone on Monday, May 22nd.
Admissions:  $15 Day Pass, $25 Weekend Pass (includes parking). Tickets are available online only at the NISD Swim Center Website.
Welcome to Texas Showdown – Team Entries – 2023:
  • 12U Mixed (10): Alamo Area, Longhorn Rangers, Longhorn Spurs, Pegasus Red, Pegasus Pink, Southside, Viper Pigeons Boys, Viper Pigeons Girls, Viper Pigeons Green, ZIlla
  • 14U Girls (4):   Alamo Area, Thunder, Viper Pigeons, Zilla
  • 14U Mixed (14):  Alamo Area Blue, Alamo Area Yellow, AquaTex, Houston Hydra, Longhorn, Miami Whitecaps, Pegasus Blue, Pegasus Red, Pegasus White, Southside, Thunder, Viper Pigeon Blue, Viper Pigeon Green, ZIlla
  • 16U Girls (4):  Alamo Area Blue, Alamo Area Yellow, Longhorn, Viper Pigeons Green
  • 16U Boys (12):  Alamo Area Blue, Alamo Area Yellow, Alamo Area White, AquaTex, Houston Hydra, Longhorn, Mavericks, Pegasus Blue, Southside, Storm, Viper Pigeon Blue, Viper Pigeon Green
  • 18U Girls (10):  Alamo Area Blue, Alamo Area Yellow, Alamo Area White, Longhorn, Mavericks, Southside, Storm, Viper Pigeons Pink, Viper Pigeons Red, Zilla
  • 18U Boys (12):  Alamo Area Blue, Alamo Area Yellow, Longhorn, Pegasus Blue, Pegasus White, Southside, Storm Blue, Storm Green, Thunder, Viper Pigeon Blue, Viper Pigeon Green, ZIlla


This is a friendly reminder of the upcoming Welcome to Texas Showdown over Memorial Day Weekend in San Antonio, TX at the Northside ISD Swim Center.  The Team Registration Deadline is Friday, May 19th .  USA Water Polo is working with San Antonio Sports/Northside ISD to make this a premier event for all clubs/teams.  There will be teams coming in from across the country and throughout the state/zone.  Northside ISD Swim Center is a world class, outdoor-indoor venue with up to five all deep courses plus stadium seating for the 50 meter pool (NISD Swim Center Website).  The Welcome to Texas Shootout will have games from 7:30 am – 8:00 pm on both Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, September May 28th.  We suggest coaches/athletes/parents plan on coming in on Friday and staying overnight on Sunday evening. We suggest getting hotel rooms ASAP…you can always cancel later.  Tournament Hotel Options:  Welcome to Texas Showdown – Hotel Information.

San Antonio is a great place to visit in Texas.  For the parents/families, there are plenty of outdoor activities, amusement parks, restaurants, food trucks, BBQ joints, breweries, etc. to visit and enjoy.  For the athletes/teams, there will be opportunities to visit area activities such as Six Flags – Fiesta Texas, Sea World, the Alamo, the Riverwalk, etc.  All teams will receive discounts for area restaurants and attractions (including Six Flags and Sea World). WeI hope all the Southwest Zone clubs will be entering and supporting this event throughout the various age groups/divisions.  Clubs should register for the tournament ASAP…Welcome to Texas Showdown – Online Team Registration.

Below is all the basic Welcome to Texas Showdown tournament information.

Welcome to Texas Showdown – 2023:

The event is finished.


May 27 - 28 2023


All Day

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Northside ISD Swim Center
8400 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, Texas


USA Water Polo

Other Organizers

Alamo Area Aquatics Association
Alamo Area Aquatics Association
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