October 2021 Longhorn Aquatics Game Day

Tentative Schedule. Keep in mind we will combine rosters where necessary. Be ready to play 30 minutes before your games Be sure to check the roster(s) on which you are playing! You may be playing on a roster that does not fit your actual age-group based on decisions by Coaches Tom and James.

CourseWhiteGame ScheduleDarkAQTX Players
MainLH 14s1:30 PMAQTX 14sSophia, Laird, Jacob, (Aaron G), Tristan, Tomas, Gavin
SmallLH Orange 10s1:30 PMLH White 10sIsabelle, Wes, Aaron B, Rudy-Matheo
MainLH 12s2:15 PMAQTX 12sTristan, Isabelle, Tomas, Wes, Aaron B, William, Rudy-Matheo
MainLH Girls + LH Masters3:00 PMUT GirlsSofia, Corinna
MainLH White3:45 PMAQTX HS + AQTX MastersRiley, Kai, Luca, Corinna, Gavin, Jacob, Aaron G, Alon, Matthew, Sofia
MainLH Orange4:30 PMLH Masters +AQTX MastersAlon, Matthew, Luca, Riley, Kai, Aaron G,

Also, bring with you a UT “tryout” form to present to the front desk as you enter. There is no cost to participating in this game day but you must bring this form. Parents will likely be asked to sit in the stands above the pool and not on the deck.

Entry and Parking

For those new to the UT Swim Center we strongly suggest you read this regarding parking and where to enter the facility. Look for other water polo athletes entering since they may know the routine already.

The event is finished.


Oct 24 2021


13:00 - 18:00
Jemail Texas Swim Center


Jemail Texas Swim Center
1900 Red River St, Austin, TX 78712


Longhorn Aquatics