2020 Texas Challenge Cup

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Tournament Details

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Tourney Covid Guidelines
Thunder Water Polo Tournament Guidelines – LISD Westside Aquatic Center

Masks must be worn by everyone at the facility. Athletes will remove their masks before getting in the pool. Athletes must put their masks back on every time they exit the pool.

NO Spectators NO Locker Rooms NO Water Fountains

  • Thunder will provide parent volunteers who will attend the atrium doors for coach/athlete/referee/filming parent access to building
  • To limit the number of teams entering/exiting the building at one time, games will be scheduled to begin at the top of the hour :00 in the East Pool (Office End) and bottom of the hour :30 in the West Pool (Diving Board End)
  • Athletes and Coaches may enter the building 30 minutes before their game time through the atrium of the Westside Aquatic Center
  • Athletes are to show up with their suits on under their street clothes
  • Bags will be allowed
  • Deck changing in the facility is NOT allowed
  • Coaches will have area assignments posted for Dry Land Warm Up areas (Dark Team/White Team)
  • Teams will be escorted into the building and they will go through the class room onto the pool deck
  • Athletes will report to their designated dry land warm up area for their cap color
  • Teams will be allowed in – water warm up at the conclusion of the prior game once the competition area is completely clear (Approx 15 min)
  • During the games each team will stay on their side of the pool (No Halftime Switch)
  • Bleachers will be used in lieu of chairs in the bench area. Each Bleacher seats 9 socially distanced, masked athletes. Athlete seats are marked with blue X’s
  • Athlete rosters will be limited to a total of 16 athletes, 9 seated on blue X’s with a mask on, and 7 athletes in the water
  • Teams will have a limit of 3 total coaches. 1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant, 1 Manager. ALL ADULTS ON DECK MUST BE USA WATER POLO MEMBERS
  • Athletes must have a mask on ANY time they are not in the water
  • Coaches must have a mask on AT ALL TIMES
  • There will be no handshakes after the games
  • Coaches will be responsible for clearing all athletes, bags and equipment from their bench area immediately following the conclusion of the game
  • Athletes will maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet as they exit the building • Athletes will exit the pool deck through the double doors close to the teaching pool
  • Athletes will exit the building through the front doors. Each team will be allowed 1 ONE parent to live stream games from the 3rd floor. The parent from each team will Enter and Exit from the atrium door opposite the athlete entrance ONLY. REFEREES
  • Referees will use the same entrance as athletes in the atrium
  • Referees will arrive dressed to referee as no changing area will be available
  • Referees will wear masks AT ALL TIMES, including during game breaks if they remain in the building
  • Referees may use the only the adult restrooms in the atrium hall
  • Hospitality for referees is limited to box lunches only TABLE WORKERS
  • Table workers will be seated 6 feet apart with a maximum of 2 workers.
  • One worker to operate clock/scoreboard
  • One worker to operate book/flags

RESTROOM USE Athletes are encouraged to use the restroom before coming to the Aquatic Center. If an athlete needs to use the restroom during the tournament, they may use the restrooms in the lobby. Athletes that use the restroom are required to wipe down anything they touched in the restroom. Aquatic Center staff will disinfect the restrooms every hour.


AquaTex parents who want a way to gain entry to any particular match can volunteer to do the game clocks or score sheets. Mr. Gerakos has already volunteered to be our videographer. We will be taking volunteers for the following jobs.

Thunder has purchased software that can be downloaded to a Phone or tablet and streamed. This will also archive the game for later viewing. Each volunteer will be given the user name and password for the pool they will be streaming along with instruction on the process.

Tournament Information

Location: 12U, 14U, 18U Girls – LISD Eastside Aquatic Center, 5729 Memorial Dr, The Colony, TX 75056

Location: 16U Boys, 18U Boys –  LISD Westside Aquatics Center, 1750 Duncan Ln, Lewisville, TX 75067

  • Age as of Date: August 1, 2020
  • Roster Deadline: Monday, November 9th at 9pm (PT)
  • Schedule: Online schedule 
  • Admissions: None

Reminder – these are school district facilities which includes the parking lots where alcohol consumption is prohibited

Rosters/ID Checks: Please be prepared to do ID Checks (with Pictures ID)  each game.  Teams need to supply to the referee their own verified rosters and have their athlete’s IDs.  The tournament will not be supplying these items for each team.

Hotel Information

Hampton Inn & Suites Lewisville, TX. The rate is $79/night for 2 Queen Bed Rooms. Ask for “Thunder Group Rate.”

Fairfield by Marriott DFW Airport-Coppell/Grapevine – NEW HOTEL. 1150 Northpoint Dr. Coppell, TX 76051. Team rates $79 plus tax, 13%. 972-304-1112

The event is finished.


Nov 14 - 15 2020


All Day
LISD East Side Aquatics Center


LISD East Side Aquatics Center
5729 Memorial Dr, The Colony, TX 75056


North Texas Thunder Water Polo