Swim2Score for Ages 5-11 Starts Friday

We’re excited to kick off our first Swim2Score, a new program for aquatic athletes age 5-11. Swim2Score sessions will be divided equally between high-quality stroke and swim technique, and fun water polo skills and games. They’ll begin on April 23 from 4-5 PM and will take place every Friday.

This is a great way to get your young athletes exposed to two different aquatic disciplines with some of the best coaching in Central Texas. From 4:00 to 4:30 athletes will work with Coach Hayley and others on swimming fundamentals like learning the four strokes, practicing good technique, and speed. At 4:30 they’ll jump in the small pool with Coach Sam for some directed, water polo-related skills and games.

Newcomers can register now for the program. And any family, whether currently members of the AquaTex Swim Team or not, can fill out the form below to express interest in trying Swim2Score.

Interest in AQTX Swim2Score

We’re looking forward to having your young athletes join us for this new, fun program. Contact us if you have any other questions. More details below.

More Swim2Score Details

How much does Swim2Score cost?For newcomers to AquaTex the cost is $60/month, plus registration fees detailed below. For those already registered with AquaTex for Novice or Junior swimming there is no additional cost.
What are the membership requirements?Newcomers to the program are required to join USA Swimming and register with AquaTex. There is a $150 USA Swimming/Team annual charge to every member of the club. This includes their USA Swimming registration. Current AQTX swimmers require no additional registration.
What if my child is already a novice or junior swimmer with AquaTex?They can join us at no additional cost if they are age 11 and under. Consult with Coach Marcy or Hayley if you're interested!
My athlete needs to be registered with USASwimming. Do I need a USA Water Polo membership too?No, unless your athlete begins competing for AquaTex at USA Water Polo events or joins one of our water polo programs full time.
Who's coaching?Coaches Marcy and Hayley will work on swim and stroke technique. Coach Sam will coach our water polo skills and games along with Coach James and others from the water polo coaching staff.
What does the schedule look like for my athlete?- Our youngest newcomers (5-9 years old) will swim with the novices beginning at 4:00 PM and hop in the South pool for water polo at 4:30 PM. Older newcomers will join one of the two Junior team swim practices for at least 30 minutes and will hop in with water polo beginning at 4:30 PM. Junior A practices are 4:30-5:30 PM; Junior B are 5:30-6:30 PM. Consult with Coach Marcy for more info on those groups.
- Current Novice team swimmers simply join our water polo coach in the South pool at 4:30 PM.
- Current Junior team swimmers may be excused from part of their swim practice - if necessary - to join the water polo portion from 4:30 to 5:00.