Back to Austin College, Fall Schedule is Out

School is (kinda) back in session which means our fall schedule is now on the calendar.

Until November…

Coaches Shannon and Kendall are returning to Austin College this week, which means their summer season of coaching is over. Wish them all the best as they return to school under some pretty different circumstances, and let’s hope they can play in the spring after having the last season cut very short. And, my personal huge thanks to both of them for leading the club so well while I was away. We’ll see them again in November!

Fall Schedule

This week we will practice from 7-9 PM Tuesday and Thursday, and from noon to 2pm on Saturday. No Friday practice.

Beginning on August 24 we will practice from 7-9 PM Monday and Wednesday, and from noon to 2pm on Saturday. You can find the entire schedule on the team’s calendar.

Plus, we’ll continue to look for days we can host extra practices, hopefully moving toward four practices regularly a week.


The schedule for splashball this fall is still pending, but likely will take place on select Saturdays at noon. Stay tuned.

Online Training

Given the new schedule we will figure out the best time to host online learning sessions during the week.

Happy Birthday

Belated happy birthday to Mac who turned 18 (!) on July 31. And to Riley, who will be 15 as of Sunday, August 23. I feel like there should be extra cookies for those guys (Austin? Luca? Declan?).

See you on the deck, masked.