Full Contact Training Returns for the New Year

We begin 2021 catching up on things and with a major announcement.

Full Contact Training

The club has approved the return of full-contact training which will resume fully on Monday, January 18. We are asking that every AquaTex Waterpolo member, coach, athlete, parent, and masters athlete read in detail our Covid-19 guidelines and protocols before his or her next practice.

While we consider this very good news for our athletes and coaches we recognize that there are serious issues regarding the pandemic that we will continue to monitor and assess.

As mentioned in previous emails ALL athletes will be accommodated whether they and their families prefer to avoid physical contact or not.


Masters Waterpolo

While we will soon resume with full-contact scrimmaging for those who attend our masters sessions we are also revising the check-in process for the program. There will be a mandatory and simple sign-in sheet (paper or digital, TBD) and USA Water Polo membership will be monitored. Masters will return to the weekend calendar once those policies are in place.

Prior to our next Masters session we ask that you fill out this form if you plan to attend, or have scrimmaged at Micki in the past.

Some New Year Plans

In order to accelerate the growth and improve the training we offer we are considering some efforts that would help in 2021. We want the feedback of our current and potential families as well so expect to receive communications about these in the coming weeks.

Online Dryland Strength and Endurance Workouts

Coach Alon has taken the lead on providing our athletes with body-weight workouts to be done on non-practice days at home. Look for us to share them via our YouTube channel in the next week.


We have already made progress toward scheduling at least one introductory waterpolo clinic to be held in Belton. The aim is to have sessions for Scorpion Ball-age newcomers and older athletes who will be preparing for the start of UIL Water Polo in the fall of 2022. We have also scouted locations in Pflugerville and Georgetown to attempt to do the same. If you have suggestions for people we should contact who can help us in those areas or others contact Coach James.

Increased Training

Since 2013 we’ve discussed increasing the number of practices per week to four instead of three. Given the increased number of coaches and the needs of our athletes we are planning to make that change in February or March. That change will undoubtedly accelerate the improvement of our collective and individual skills. We will be asking for feedback from our membership regarding the potential change since it will very likely require an increase in fees (still the best bargain in Texas).

Team Photos

We are hoping that Saturday, January 30 will be a beautiful Round Rock day for our first “official” team photos. Expect to arrive to practice early. More soon.


We’ve put a tentative marker for Saturday Zilla scrimmages every other Saturday on our calendar. Given that we will resume with physical contact we can expect to host scrimmages or more formal game days in the coming months.

Parent Meeting and Collegiate Recruiting

We had to postpone an online parent meeting and collegiate recruiting session originally scheduled for January 7. That meeting will get on the calendar soon and will feature one of the most knowledgable people in Texas regarding the collegiate recruiting process (hint: get your water polo resume in order).


In all the hoopla surrounding the holidays we neglected to point out that in December, Joey and Declan both turned 15. And in just a couple days “Big Game” James turns 14. Happy Birthday!

Oh, and did you happen to catch page 5 of the most recent edition of Skip Shot Magazine?

Luca Skip Shot Winter 2020

2021 is here and we couldn’t be happier. Stay safe and #BeYourBest.