Spring Jam Preview, Weekend Schedule Change, Milestones

Another big tourney this weekend. We cover that a little plus more.

Spring Jam Details, Weekend Training Schedule

First, youth training this weekend will begin at the scheduled time but practices will not be staggered. That means that all age groups (14u, high school, novice) will start at 10 AM on Saturday, 9 AM on Sunday. Swim2Score will remain the same time, 11:00 AM on Saturday. Masters on Sunday will go from 10:30 to noon.

As always we’ll try to share all the details regarding the Spring Jam on the Event Page. When in doubt, bookmark that page and check it out. On it includes the schedule, rosters, notes on travel, entry fees, and much more.

Notes on Rosters

  • Longhorn 10u will be coached by Coach Molly. Make sure you’re meeting with her or an assistant 30 minutes before your games.
  • Longhorn 12u: Ilay, Neel, and Clayton are on that roster. Time permitting, Ilay can also play for the AquaTex 14u mixed team. Coach Magaly will be in charge. Meet 30 minutes before your first game.
  • AQTX 14u mixed will be with Coaches Savvy and James. Meet them one hour before your first game each day.
  • AQTX 18u boys will be with Coach James. Same thing: meet him one hour before your first game each day. Cash and Rocco, you will focus on the 14u boys team. If and only if you want more playing time then you can play on the 18u boys team; you are not expected to. Note that there are four Longhorns on that roster: Jackson (not JP!), JR, Sam, and Campbell.
  • Longhorn 18u girls will be with Coach Tom. Meet 45 minutes before game time, Corina Noelle and Erica!

Requests of our Families


We’d also like every AquaTex game recorded on video so we can review them during Monday training sessions. So if you’d like to give it a try, or have experience doing it, please let Coach James know. For those who might help us with video recording, a couple notes:

Get your zoom in and out ready. What we want to see (and hear) as coaches is:

  • A view of the front court offense in its entirety as tightly viewed as possible while still containing all (or nearly all) of the players. The view should be of one-half of the pool. Close-ups on individual players or pairs are rarely helpful.
  • A view of the entire pool as a team counterattacks. Upon the turnover, zoom out to show the entire pool as both offense and defense convert to the counterattack. You may be tempted to focus on the goalkeeper as he/she holds the ball prior to passing it. Please don’t! It’s exponentially more important that we see what’s happening on the counterattack than what the goalie is doing with the ball.
  • A view of the front court defense in its entirety viewed as tightly as possible while still containing all the defenders.
  • Optional but very helpful: call out the goals and exclusions by cap number kind of as you would if working the scoresheets at the desk. It should be as simple as “Dark 9 goal,” “11 white exclusion,” “2 Dark penalty.”

Lake Creek

Mainly for our newer members, April is approaching which means that the Round Rock ISD will shut down Micky Krebsbach for 2-4 weeks so they can clean the pool, paint the locker room floors, and some other stuff that never seems to include replacing old poorly functioning electrical outlets, installing more storage space, or much at all that directly helps us as an aquatics program (one can be grateful and annoyed at the same time!). But, as usual, we’re not entirely certain when our eviction will take place let alone how long the repairs will take. Just get ready for the jaunt to the East Side: Lake Creek Pool!



We’re so happy to keep growing, adding new young members. In March we welcomed Ryan, Ethan, Jacob B., Rachel, Josh, and Brodie. Welcome to the club all of you and your families.


And now, April birthdays. Happy Birthday!

  • Rachel, 4/13
  • Diego, 4/27

See you on the deck.