Return to Micki, TAGS Update, Playing College Waterpolo

Isn’t it strange how great it is when we return to Micki? Thanks to the City of Round Rock for getting its work done well before we expected so we can get back to work in our true home pool.

Zoom Seminar on Water Polo in College

AquaTex families should have received an email with instructions for Tuesday’s online seminar with Joe Linehan at 7:30 PM. Joe will cover everything you might want to know about playing in college, whether varsity or club. He is among the most knowledgeable people in Texas, maybe the US, on the subject. He will do a presentation followed by an extended Q&A session.


The numbers look great for TAGS! There’s still time to register an athlete in 8th, 6th, 4th grade or under. If you’re interested in participating contact me.

National Junior Olympics

This information is now available here and will be updated as necessary.


Yet more progress on creating a new program for athletes age 5-11! There are new, positive developments that have yet to be hashed out with our swim team leadership so stay tuned. The program will consist of half swim/stroke technique with one of our excellent swim coaches, followed by 30 minutes of water polo with Coach Sam and others. And one hint (not written in stone): Friday afternoons, not Sundays.


Welcome aboard Corina and Tailyn, and welcome back Ian! Plus, it was great to have some new young athletes give us a try in the past few weeks. We hope to see Kailee, Jordan, Jonathan, and William again very soon.


Masters will take place this Sunday from noon to 1:30 PM, after our youth practice.